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English Information of Kyoto-Heian RC

The Rotary Club of Kyoto-Heianwas founded in April, 2002 with
the 38 Charter Members in the the district 2650, sponsored by
the Rotary Club of Kyoto-North West. The first President was
Mr. Ikuo Nishimura. 

It was the first rotary club join a foreign nationality (Taiwan ,
Korea, China) in Japan.

The Club belongs Currently, now we have 30 members of which
4 are female (Jan.2010).

Our meeting takes place at the Palaceside hotel faced Kyoto-
Gosho (farmer Imperial Palace) which is characterized as the 
symbol of the Club, The hotel located in Kamigyo-ku, enriched
with a convenience place in center of Kyoto City. Meeting is
every Monday-night at 18:30-19:30 except Holiday

(→Schedule, See Top page).

We are proud of offering cozy and relaxed atmosphere,
We would love to meet Rotarians from the world, and we invite
you to attend our meeting. If you are interested in attending,
please contact the
the Palaceside hotel or our administrative

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District 2650

Rotary Club of KYOTO-HEIAN

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